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Glenn Miller is a seasoned entrepreneur who excels in the role of strategic advisor to business owners, CEO’s and shareholders of privately owned companies, providing guidance in the areas of financial and operational reorganization, governance, expansion planning and mergers & acquisitions.



More about us

Who we are

A dedicated team that assists companies with growth, change and structuring at all phases

What we do

A complimentary mix of finance, investment, advisory and supply chain management services

Where we do it

Local and international expertise offers clients flexibility and options with business requirements

MBG Global

Leverage an international network to increase profits and create efficiencies in:

  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Consulting
  • Resource Management

Industry Experience

  • Services bancaires d’investissement et solutions-conseils sur mesure aux clients de divers secteurs et à différentes étapes d’exploitation permettant aux propriétaires d’entreprise de se concentrer sur leurs activités
  • Résolution rapide d’enjeux complexes entraînant des résultats positifs
  • Capacité de faire évoluer rapidement toute entreprise peu performante, grâce à une exécution assidue à un échelon très élevé
  • Ability to rapidly affect changes in underperforming companies with diligent execution at a very senior level
  • Quick intervention in complex issues to solve
    them with a successful outcome
  • Tailored investment banking and advisory solutions to clients in a variety of industries and stages to allow business owners to focus on their business